Eddy Current Conductivity Meters

Eddy current conductivity meters are widely used in the aircraft and aerospace fields for material/temper verification and detecting heat damaged components. Our many years of experience in this field and our wide selection of instruments, allows us to match the best instrument and probe to our customers requirements. Whether you need a simple and rugged instrument for the use in the heat treat shop or a feature packed instrument for laboratory use, we have the answer.

ETher NDE, Fischer Technology, Verimation (K.J. Law), Hocking, Foerster

ETher NDE SigmaCheck 


The SigmaCheck is a modern fully featured mulit-frequency hand held Eddy Current (EC) Conductivity Meter designed to provide fast and accurate results at a reasonable price. 


The SigmaCheck can be easily customized to meet your specific application needs.

Fischer Technologies SigmaScope SMP10


The SMP10 is a globally recognized featured packed multi-frequency instrument which provides rapid, simple, on-the-spot and, if necessary contact free, measurement of the conductivity of non-magnetic metals.


For the conductivity measurements of very thin Aluminum platings of only about 0.2 mm thickness in the aircraft industry the SIGMASCOPE® SMP10-HF is available. 


Optional ES-24 Probe is ideal for fasteners and small parts.

Verimation (K.J. law) Verimet M4900C


The M4900C is and a good choice if your primary need is ruggedness and simplicity. Well suited for shop and field use.


Note that the M4900C is fully approved by Boeing and is one of our most popular models.

Hocking AutoSigma 3000DL


The "like new" AutoSigma 3000DL gives accurate operation in an easy to use package that is both light and rugged. The 500kHz frequency allows inspection of thin materials using the standard probe. The 60kHz setting is the aerospace industry standard.


Digital Conductivity Meter

Centurion NDT's FM-140XL conductivity meter makes conductivity testing simple and worry free...for most non-ferrous metal testing. Portable, yet ruggedly designed, it instantly generates readings with a bright, direct digital display, in percent IACS.